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Can't Be Bothered To Sleep...


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So, 2:31 (as I write this) in the morning, have to be up in less than 5 hours...got that feeling that the whole world is asleep but me..

I'd like to be asleep, but I can't be bothered to try - who wants to roll over and lie still for 5 minutes straight only to realise you're still awake...

Doubt it'll help tonight* but what's everyone's tips for falling asleep?

I can't count sheep, I think because I've seen sheep in the past and how the react, when I count them they start off fine, then they start to jump over 2-3 at a time, pushing and barging each other...

*my tip is writing stuff like this.. Shortly I'll probably be out like a light...

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Alphabet game, that boring it sends me personally to sleep

On a side note, not taking a nap during the day aids sleep at night, though saying that working nights even on my days off I wake up bright and alert at stupid o'clock

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Your not the only one but in my case I'm being paid to stay awake but I do know how u feel I do 4 12hr night shifts a weeks. Its all I think about is bed can't wait to get into it in the morning

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I usually have no problem falling asleep, but there are those nights when I end up lying in bed wide awake for an hour or two lol, and I haven't found a good way to get around that. Luckily for me that only happens if there's something big happening the next day, like going on holiday or something.

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Just finished my 5th night shift in a row.

I prefer nights as they bring out the scrots.

i like the night shifts aswell in my case cause there is less hassle nd stress here as there is just the security team and 2 others.

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