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Replacements For Discoloured Titanium Fascia And Heating Buttons


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Hi all

Apologies for getting right to it, but I just couldn't find an answer to this from a number of searches

Bought a 59 1.8 petrol Titanium yesterday. Its in pretty good condition overall. Some light front bumper scratches (most of which look buffable) and some tiny badly paint penned marks on the side mirrors. My main gripes were two small holes to the felt covering the rear of the back seats, and the problem I'm asking about now:

I've hopefully attached a pic which explains the issue better, but there seems to be some quite noticeable discolouration by way of little black spots to the sat nav, fascia, and the heated screen buttons below.

Now, I suspect that the fascia will cost a lot to replace and so I can live with that for now. And sod replacing the sat nav! But the buttons below are quite badly marked so I wondered how easy i was for these to be replaced, if at all, and what the product numbers would be. Its been a long time since I had my ST and I had that from new so this issue never really came up!

Any help would be very gratefully received!


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I can help you out with the rear window heater and the two blanks, I have the front window but its buggered, scratched front and I arsed it up removing it, you will need to use your internal switches, as I swapped them (when I replaced mine I mistakenly got the old focus green LED as apposed to the red) I just removed the button front plate and attached them to the existing RED LED switches. youll need to do the same with mine

I don't have the part numbers to hand just now but I can have them later tonight, I think they are about 15 quid each switch, the surround is a lot more.

id give you the surround around the buttons as well but it seems you have the carbon effect look, mines just silver.

PM me if your interested

I have a reasonable looking surround, 2 good blank silver plates, a good working Rear window silver button, (Green LED but easy to switch) and a nackard Silver front button (its gubbed both the green LED switch and the front face of it.

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you need to install heated seat and the esp button like i did ,then you wont have blanks.im just waiting for a warm day when i can get out and put the wiring details for the heat seats .

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Thanks for both the replies!

I'm not fussed at all about having the blanks there - its just the staining that annoys me!

Dee - I think I follow you! You're saying that right now, your old rear demister switch front plate is attached to a switch with green LEDs? As I already have all the wiring and LEDS, I just need to use the front plate alone.

I'm definitely interested! Thanks so much for replying and telling me about them

Did you have to unplug the battery when you did the change? I'd seen lots of pics from people changing the blanking plates and they seem to have the radio on. Would be nice not to bother with the battery!

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spot on, the face plate of each button is the same across all the mk2 focus cars, it as just the colour of the LEDs that they changed.

all you need to do it pop the fronts off the ones you have and connect the replacments. the blank plates are even easier.

you dont need to worry about the battery or anything, satnat surround off, two torx screws out, apply even force on both sides of the button surround and pull towards you, itll pop off. youll see a bunch of wires and connectors that are not being used which will give you all sorts of ideas for mods! ;)

unplug them all to give you room, the switches are held it with a couple of spring clips. the tricky bit is removing the button face place, there is bound to be a propper way to do this but i couldnt work it out so i just put a small flat headed screw driver between the bottom of the button and the switch and leavered it off, ill try put some pics up to explain

inside there is a little rubber thing that needs to stay put in the switch, then just swap them around, install and your done

ill get some pics up later tonight or tomorrow

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Thanks so much for that post - thats a great amount of info!

I'd definitely be interested in taking your old ones off your hands!

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The buttons are indeed easy to strip.

When I went from a standard grey mk2 switch panel to a carbon mk2.5 one I swapped the faces to silver.

As I had a customised blue led switch I kept that and swapped the front part out.

Screwdrivers or a Bojo tool will do it easily.

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Everyone has been so helpful!

When I get the car and parts and can do the swap, its it worth taking pictures for a guide or is that generally covered by other peoples' ones?

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Strip the buttons as per my pics below.

You will likely find that a bit of bending of the plastic will occur but just push it back in place with a screwdriver so it doesn't snag the surround.

The plastic is pretty soft tbh.

Look for the side with the flat ridge as below-


twist or prise to seperate-


Make sure you re-align the two parts of the buttons so the led's line up correctly-


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Thats perfect - thank you so much.

Feel much more confident about doing it now. At least it'll stop the black marks bugging me

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Well its certainly worth a try. Don't pick up the car until Thursday so shall try then. I'd worry about taking any of the paint off - so will try it on the buttons first and let you know how it goes! If it works, great. If not, I'm still in the position of getting replacements so win/win, really

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