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Pedal Judder?


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Anyone else noticed a very slight judder in the clutch and brake pedals while driving a focus? It's a 2008 Zetec 1.6, isn't very noticeable just wondered if it's normal or should I be worried? Thanks in advance!

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I have... The clutch judder is due to the DMF or hydraulic clutch system I think, was same on other hydro/DMF cars I've had.

But the brake one is annoying, I had put it down to warped disc, but its a completely different judder, much harsher, are yours both the same?

I also get a slight judder through the steering wheel as well on partial lock and around the centre, possibly wheel balancing or tracking.

Oh and I get an acceleration judder as well, can't work that one out though! Might even be in my head lol.

So yeah, I also have a juddery 2008 Focus lol...

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