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I'm on a ranty roll tonight :-)

I see Red Bull are whining because Mercedes are wiping the floor with everyone. Now, Christian Horner wants to equalise the engines. Funny how it never bothered him when Red Bull were the dominant ones. Even his buddy Ecclestone is on his side.

Mercedes have got an excellent engine/car. What is stopping everyone else bringing themselves up to the same level?

Every time they change something another peice of F1 disappears. I would rather they could spend what they want and ignore this 'green' crap that spoils a good competition.

Best team with the best machines and best drivers win.

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Well said Bill It's typical of Horner he complains about everything if Red bull aren't getting their way. If they don't like the Renault engines, and they are pretty poor, they should ditch them as soon as the contract expires at the end of the season and buy Merc, although I did read somewhere they are thinking of developing their own engines.

It was the same with Vettel, he was shown up for what he really is last year a second rate moaning spoiled brat by Ricciardo who outperformed him in every race. Vettel can only win if he has the best car.

And don't get me started on Bernie the weasel!!!

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Sounds like I should have kept watching F1. I stopped watching it around the time when Vettel started winning everything, because it just got boring.

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