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Hi guys,

Thought I would pop onto FOC after noticing theres a number of local members to me on the forum.

Been a member of a few forums for a long time now (ZSOC, Fiesta owners, TMN, Passion Ford) and my taste in cars is changing to a more old school vibe, so will be looking for a mk3/4 escort in the future.

Been in and out of Fords all of my life with 3 Fiesta to my name as well.

Currently my mk5 Zetec S is sat a bit lonely on the drive after the mk2 was sold in October.

Enough talking and all that....



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Cheers for the welcome Saul :)

I think ive got to the point where I want cars older than myself :lol:

Lol can't blame you I'd love cars older than myself but they cost to much so I've just got an old cheap banger haha ;)

What you gonna do to your older one matey? :)


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Depends entirely on what I find to buy.

Looking at a mk4 escort soon with rs2000 2.0 engine, RST S2 box, full exhaust, suspension etc. So maybe some modernisation to an extent

That sounds like a beast matey :D


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