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Electric Window Problem


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I have an 03 plate 1.6 Focus which has developed a driver's side window problem. I can hear the mechanism "click" but there's no attempt for the window to move either up or down. I suspect that this is a mechanical problem rather than an electrical one due to the "click". I started stripping the door down this afternoon with the "help" (?? !!!) of Mr Haynes, but am now faced with a dilemna - apparently to remove the window regulator mechanism, you have to remove the window glass. To remove the window glass, you have to lower the window so that the two retaining bolts become accessible through the door frame aperatures. You can therefore see my "catch 22" situation !!

Does anyone know how to lower the window "mechanically", or has anybody any other solution to my problem ?

Appreciate any help !!

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applying firm weight and pushing both sides of the glass should allow the window to roll down.


Good idea that !!

Actually, I've got it out anyway ! What I did was to remove the bolts holding the window guides in place. I then wiggled the whole thing down as far as I could within the door void so that I could get a ring spanner on the glass clamp bolts. Having loosened them off, I could move the glass slightly upwards & then sideways and then extract it from the door.

Thanks for your suggestion tho' !!

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