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Reached 120,000 Miles. What Now?


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My MK 6 Fiesta has served me well on my 70 mile round trip to work. But I have now managed 120,000 miles on a 9 year old car and am wondering how much more I will get out of the 1.25 engine.

I get a small service ever year- it had a major service when i bought it two years ago, and I mainl do motorway miles in 5th gear.

So realistically how many more miles can i expect from the little engine? It only had one owner before I bought it and was regurlarly serviced. Only issues have been thermostat replaced and recently It feels like it starts to lurch a little as i accelerate (could that be a coil pack issue)

Other than that mpg is pretty good and the car still drives fine.

Also, will the cambelt be due again soon, it was just done before I bought it at around 70,000 miles I think, what age / mileage would it next be due on a 1.25 fiesta zetec?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Yeh thanks, i just read about the cam belt, mine should be fine for a while then.

I've heard coil packs tend to need replacing on fiesta's. I'll need to look into the signs of what to look for when they start failing.

I'm also worried about the clutch as I don't think its ever been replaced on my car, but again other than grinding gears i'm not sure what the signs of a failing clutch are.

Wonder if either of those could be the cause of my juddering during acceleration.

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High clutch pedal is the usual. If you're worried about it, drive at 25-30mph, put it in 5th and floor it. If the revs rise but not speed, it may well be slipping.

Coil packs tend to work fine then fail, but that's really obvious. Some never fail, some just fail.

If you do change it, don't skimp on them. Cheap ones are awful.

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Hmm the lurching / lack of power when accelerating is still bugging me, and what i've read it could be a coil pack issue which apparently is quite common.

I think i should take it to my local garage soon to check it over anyway for clutch too, though it was serviced and mot'd not too long ago so i would have hoped he'd bring up a dodgy clutch then.

I may even investigate how doable a coil pack diy job is and see if it solves my accelration issue, but will read up more first...

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Seen a 1.25 petrol sell for 895 on eBay with 165k on it. Ex learner car, then a cat C & then just ragged around a city. A crap life if you ask me! It had just had a cambelt, water pump, clutch and something else changed!

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