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Focus Mk2.5 Headlight Beam Pattern Issue!!


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Hoping to find some help here. The headlights on my focus seam to be pointing low i work in a garage and we had the car in yesterday, there is no beam image on the headlight tester, removed the headlight bulb is seated correctly even tried a new bulb but no difference made, searched on here found a few topics but no solution please help....

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I have a similar problem but only became noticeable when I replace the two head light bulbs for some Osama night vision lamps.

The pattern from the beam seems very close and low and not projecting far forward. The levelling motors seem to work ok and do adjust if I move the rotary switch within the car. It's as if they need to be lifted up somehow to allow the beam to be throne forward.

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The adjuster is located lower down at the back of the headlights, the adjuster on top only moves them from left to right.

If you get a torch and shine it behind the fitting you will see the other adjuster.

I had this problem and the garage wanted me to buy two new headlights.

Safe to say I did my research and fixed it for nout haha

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