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Vibration When Braking


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Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel Style

Around June last Year, I started getting a vibration on the steering
wheel while braking so straight away I assumed that my disks were warped. I had
them replaced by my local garage but within 2 months, I started to get the same problem again. I took
the car back to the garage and they replaced the disks under warranty and
assumed that they were bad disks. This time the disks lasted about 4 months and
then the vibration returned.

This time I listened for any noise and I could hear a
rubbing, almost like a chugging noise on the left hand side of the car which
then turns into a wobbling knocking noise when the car slows down further. I
then took the car back to the garage which they then replaced the left side calliper
(and the disks/pads again) but I still have the same issue. I am going to take it back there again but I want
to find out if anyone else might have had the same issue or might know
something else that might be causing it so I can mention it to the people at
the garage.

Just to add to this. I’m pretty good when it comes to
braking, there is no vibration on the steering wheel when driving and there
seems to be no play on the left wheel, which I have checked and the guys at an
MOT centre have also reported no problems.

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Could be that they are using cheap discs or that there is a bit of debri that hasn't been cleaned off where the disc sits so it's not sitting true sticky caliper but you mention that has been replaced is the tracking/ ball joints ok other possible causes

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Yea i've checked ball joints and had the tracking done. The funny thing is that when I drove to work today, It was not constantly vibrating when braking, which was a first time thats happaned.

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