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Eclipse Pictures


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One my brother took, in glorious colour, and a black and white that I took. I had to reflect from a tablet screen, switch iPhone to mono then highlight where the sun was to bring the brightness down to an acceptable level for Focus.



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Basically, I missed the first near hour of it... had it on my mind all morning, got into the office, started working away until half 9, then remembered it was on.... went over to the window.... let's just say it was an utter disappointment :P

It was marginally darker outside than it normally is at that time of day, nothing really special, but certainly noticeably darker, although not by a whole lot.

Ended up watching it on the Beeb for a bit.

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Cheers. It is a great camera and served me well on holiday in the USA last year and will see service in NYC in November :)

New Yoik ?

Can I come with you? I'll try my best to curl up in your suitcase! :P

Always wanted to go back to the US, can't afford it as of yet though with rtn flights being between £600 and £1400.

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