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Electric Window Keeps Going Down When Engine Is Off


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I have had this problem since I brought the car:

Sometimes (I think its when I single lock), when the engine is off and parked up for the day/night, the passenger rear window opens by its self

Also, if I use the one touch switch to close the window, its gets to the top, then goes back down again.

Any ideas please?


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Could be that the window needs it's anti-trap relearning, there's a procedure in the handbook for doing this after the battery has been disconnected.

Or the anti-trap is being triggered by some sort of restriction in the glass run seals, try the relearning first and if the problem is still there have a look at all the window seals/channels to see if all looks ok. In some cases a bit of soapy water on the seals can help.

Not sure how the window bounce issue relates to when you lock the car unless there's some global closing feature being activated and it tries to close the window also triggering the anti-trap?

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How quickly is the window opening? Try locking the car and observe the window for how long it takes for it to open, but it does sound like a possible anti trap function issue causing it.

Does your car have the global close/open function by pressing and holding the keyfob buttons?

If ti doesn't then most likely an anti trap feature issue in my book.

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