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Warning Light On Dashboard


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When i was out the other day a waring light came up on my dashboard. Its a red cog with an exclamtion mark inside it


The internet says that this is a 'Powertrain Warning Light' but when i switch off the engine and back on, the light is not there anymore. Sometimes the light doesn't come on at all and sometimes it does.

Ive had it plugged in to try and see what the problem could be, but it always says 'No Fault Found'

Its annoyed me because Ive only had the car 5 months from second hand dealer who told me its never had any problems in the past (Apparently)

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All lights come on when I start the ignition.

On that page It says when the light comes on while driving I'll have limited power.

I don't, when the light comes on I still have full power, unaffected.

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