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Ford fair is Silverstone circuit :) and ford fest (new this year) is at Santa pod raceway :D I'm hoping to get to both but would be cool if can get all my tuning done to go down the strip see the drag racing going on.


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Oh ok yes went to santa pod last year in my leon turbo went down the strip was fun not going down this year in my 1.25 guys may laugh hopefully I will go if I can get time off work

At the minute mines a slug man it's a 1.8 straight diesel van :) when I'm finished hopefully it'll be a rocket but I'm not going to the pod for the track going for the cars really ;)


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Hi guys just a quick hi have a 2011 fiesta edge that I am starting to modify going down the euro route slammed with some bbs hope to get some good info

Welcome to the forum,

17" BBS would look nice,

Air ride would drop it to the floor when parked and lift up when you start engine, kits are available off the shelf direct fit but there 3,000 plus fitting and take up some boot space with a compressed air tank.

Cree are a company whom manufacture high quality leds,

Get some nice yellow cree led fog bulbs from alltronix.co.uk much better than tinting the lenses on your fogs,

Silvatec are a company whom manufacture mirror tinted indicator bulbs that still shine amber 100% MOT compliant.

Removing door handles and fitting a door popping kit would help with the clean apperance,

Fit waterproof push button under the wing mirror housing to pop the door.

Debadging the front bumper is a bit of a job but still possible and more of a wow factor when done.

Sticker bombing looks good too but thats more of a jdm thing.

Interior panels such as stereo surround would look great hydro dipped in stickerbomb print.

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Cheers mate want to go low but not to low not sure how wide to go on the alloys really want 8j but not sure they will fit

I cant see 8" wide fitting id say 17x7.5 at most,

One thing nobody really mentions when upgrading wheels is a contributing factor to what they call "unsprung mass"

This unsprung mass is any additional weight carried on the rotating mass,

The bigger, wider or heavier it is,

Has an effect or take off performance and slowing down,

Ive changed from 16x6.5 to the ST 18x8 rim and I've noticed a reduction in 0-60 times when rolling from a stop to start in traffic aswell,

Wider wheels are safer for speeds over 80mph as its like driving on rails but on a small car fatter road contact can wreck your clutch as the car needs to work harder,

Same as a Race bicycle having mountain bike tyres fitted, you will feel it on your calves,

Overall i suggest 17" rims but as thin as possible, if you can get 17x6.5J go for those,

Then use some Eibach wheel spacers to space the wheels out to the edge of the arch just the same as an 8J would.

This way you stand less chance of performance reduction aswell as maintaining maximum street credit.

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