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Lost My Keys


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Well its finally happened to me...i lost my keys or they were stolen...not sure which if im honest and this is my little story.

Last sunday (not yesterday) i came home and put my keys somewhere. Woke up monday to go open the office to start work and could i hell find them. I turned the house upside down searching for them...as you can imagine the panic set in.

So to play it safe i reported the loss to the police and got a crime number. The local authority came round and changed the house locks free of charge within an hour...i was well impressed.

Now the interesting part. I rang the dealer who i bought the car off, a well known ford dealership up here and they werent interested to say the least...no aftersales service what so ever. What shocked me the most is that they said well you have a spare key...no thats not the point with the other key they can just take the sodding thing! They couldnt grasp that...

So i rang arnold clark. They took the car the same day with the spare key. Reprogrammed my immo and alarm system. Cut and reprogrammed a flip remote key for...the cost of all this £118. The previous dealer wanted £250 min!

Car was returned to me the next day as they admitted to be having problems with their IDS but took it to another one of their shops. But i was more than happy with arnolds turn around time and the customer service they showed me as a first time customer.

On the plus side the keycare insurance offered by adrian flux agreed to pay out and i received the cheque on thursday...

Id agree im pretty miffed at myself for losing or having the keys stolen in the first place but i have nothing but praise for the police, council, arnold clark and keycare in this case.

Now time to go get CCTV to see if i can catch the scruffs who will attempt to get the car....they will have a staffy x rhodesian ridgeback and a husky to deal with...lol

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Now then john before you go letting the dogs out this has happened to me twice and the second time it happened went and made a complete fool of myself by accusing Mr postie of nicking my keys phone and wallet thought I'd left keys in the door as I had my hands full and thought my wallet and phone where in my jacket pocket that I hung on the bannister sits down to watch the game sees posties reflection in tv nothing unusual there goes to go out later on no keys in a blind panic no phone where's me wallet as well damn left the keys in the door I thinks and only person that's been up the drive was posty so go shouting the odds a him when I found him of cause and quite rightly so denies it .wasnt till I had calmed down and started looking found my wallet and phone down the side of the reclining couch in the middle but no keys after hours of searching had a more througer look and the keys had got lodged in the mechanism so when I put the recliner back in it put them well out of sight so if you have a recliner have a quick look .

Won't solve you having new locks but will put your mind at ease that no one has been in or attempted if you do find them there .

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yes you should at least get the PCM reprogrammed to remove any keys in the system that you dont have, just as a precaution. you dont want your car stolen by the person you just bought it from..

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it only takes 5 minutes to make the changes using the IDS, with a new key it would be just over 100 at the dealers like John spent.

An auto locksmith should be able to do any re-programming you require

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I got my mark 3 second hand a few weeks ago. Only came with one key. I did bring out up with the sales guy but he assured me it only came with one. Should I be concerned lol

Lying git.

All cars come with at least 2 keys.

Demand he proves his statement or gets you another key sorted.

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Yeah im not gonna jump the bullet like steads. Gonna wait until the alarm sounds and hopefully catch a scruff in the act trying to start the car lol

But yeah i will put my mind at ease if i find them. The wierd thing is i cant remember sunday at all...was i that tired from working 6 days a week lol

But yeah if you got 1 key defo get the immo codes changed and any keys recoded...also get a spare just incase u have issue like mine...timpsons can clone far cheaper than what i paid.

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Got one quote of 175 for the new key and the lost one removed. Seems expensive but I guess the price is higher because of the tow of key. It's one of the ones you keep in your pocket and use a button to start the car.

I thought something was dodgy when he only handed over one key. The garage is a trust worthy one but wouldn't get another key for me. I didn't know about it until I was picking the car up which was annoying. Anyway is done now. Can only look into getting it fixed now.

I must admit I'd be tempted to try and catch them in the act too lol.

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