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Cheap Isn't Always Nasty!


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I just thought I would come here and sing the praises of the budget brakes I bought recently.

My car went in for its service, and as they do (they are 'mechanics' afterall) they did the old sucking through gritted teeth noise when it came to a few points. One was the brakes. They were 95% worn front and rear!

Having had them quote me in excess of £400 for disks and pads on all corners, I set out bargain hunting and came across these:


They dont look like much do they? But when I got the pack it was 2 rear disks branded "blue print" I think it was, and the fronts and pads were all drivetec I believe...

So having attempted to fit them myself, and still suffering whiplash, I gave up shortly after staring as I was unable to loosen the calipers... But either give up or injure myself was the option, so I took the easy way out. I called around a few places, and found an excellent garage nearby, they fitted all pads and disks for £70 and did a great job...

Got back in the car, and initially I thought I had made a mistake! the brakes where slow to respond and they needed stomping on to bring me to a halt. However, as with all new pads and disks, you need to let them bed in, so I persisted, driving carefully, slowly and just lightly applying the brakes. A few days passed and the difference is immense!

The brakes are sharp, and solid, they give me confidence that when I touch the pedal I will slow down and stop. They bite together exceptionally well and now that I have really bed them in, I feel like I am in a new car!

So the car goes in for its MOT next week, and now Ford cant jump on me and charge me the £400 odd quid! so the next job is to get a part worn tyre (yeah I know, but seriously, money is tight!) and a re-balance / alignment, and the car should just sail through the MOT. Ford quoted me over £600 to get the car through the MOT, I will have got it done for just over £200.

So, just because its not well branded, doesnt mean its not a worth while investment! :D

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Thanks guys and Steve, yeah it's definitely good for some aspects of handling. Unfortunately the likes of the rear arm bushes on their way out are not helping handling, nor the tyres getting older lol.

Must admit though i am impressed! I just think it's a small detail, cheap as it may be and it makes a big difference!

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