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Near Miss!


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So today, ended up driving on one of the most obscure, narrow, bumpy, and bendy country roads - not a vehicle in sight. (Stupid satnav!!!)

Anyway, lots of tight bends, so I kept my speed quite low & turned on my headlights for maximum visibility. Rounding one of the corners, a huge truck suddenly emerges from a tight corner, driving in the middle of the road at an unsafe speed (considering the road conditions & visibility).

In a split second slammed on the anchors and swerved into a small ditch, the ABS system grumbled, and I narrowly avoided a collision. Not bad for almost no sleep in the past few days, and having got on the roads at 5 this morning.


On a side note, I learnt that my mate was not so lucky over the weekend. He drives an Astra (yes I know!!) & got rear-ended today at a roundabout at a not so slow speed. Result: suffering from whiplash, and the car got totaled (6k repair quote).

Anyone have any near misses today? Or witness a near miss?

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Today is a bad day I think, everything has generally gone wrong for me as well lol.

Your lucky mate and I hope you didn't suffer any damage.

I was deffo lucky. Would have sucked to have an accident in the middle of nowhere!

No damage either - the car desperately needs a wash though (or preferably some rain to save a few quid, haha).

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