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Hi folks,

Could do with getting two new front tyres at some point during the week but not very knowledgeable.

I currently have Michelin ENERGY SAVER's on all 4 wheels (205/55 R16) - I've not had much trouble with them but do find they're quite easy to spin on my 1.8TDCi. (Could be me!)

Did a run this week from Cornwall to Portsmouth covering 400 miles and averaged 59.9 with these tyres so I guess they speak for themselves.

I am looking for a quiet tyre with good fuel efficiency, any suggestions?

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Hi Smudge,

Don't suppose your a Matlot by any chance?

Anyhow I suppose it depends on how much you want to spend? I've been looking for new branded tyres but don't want to pay the earth.

My criteria is the same as yours & I've been looking at Bridgestone Turanza T001's.


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Thanks for the response Martin. I'm not currently involved in the military but my family is very military orientated, hence the username.

Decided to go for 2 Dunlop Sport BluResponse tyres, they seemed to come out well in the reviews and gave a good all round performance across many different surface conditions.

After a quick drive they are defiantly quieter; the car feels well connected to the road. Whether they will offer the same fuel efficiency though I have no idea.

The Energy Saver's were in dire need of replacement.

Next stop, full service lol

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You will find energy efficient tyres are of a hard compound and are therefore more prone to spinning up, i have a set of Khumos on the car at the moment (they were newly fitted when i had the car last year) but my personal preference has always been Uniroyal Rain Expert / Rain Sport. SO much grip its unreal, i could drive the car faster in the wet that i could drive the wifes car on continentals in the dry (we had identical cars at the time - his and hers fiesta 1.25)

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