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Help With Leisure Battery?


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Hi everyone can someone help me out i have an old caravan that gets used not very often ive just discovered the leisure battery is flat as theres no means of charging it on the caravan the battery is 18 months old numax 100ah ive tried charging it up with a 4 amp charger and its taken well over 25 hrs (100/4=25) without it being fully charged (according to the charger indicator) do i just leave it on charge until the charger says its charged or not the battery is making a faint but audible hissing noise??


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Leisure batteries are better able to cope with "Deep Recycling" charging and re-charging. What they aren't good at, is delivering a big surge of energy on starting a car engine, say. Which is why we have the two types.

The battery should be good still (sealed or lead acid?) Perhaps a trip to your local garage would be the safest way to restore it or buy one of the newer "intelligent" chargers. Can you check electrolite levels? You could warp the plates if it gets too low.

Sometimes they need bringing up very slowly over a long period to bring them back to health.

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