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Ask A Stupid Question Of Ford Fair


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I've never been to ford fair or anything even remotely similar so please forgive my ignorance

The question is, or rather are:

1. Do people look inside the cars as well as at them?

2.Do people ask to sit inside the cars? (Obviously if you're there)

3. Is it ok or frowned upon or not necessary even to use a steering lock such as a disklok when the car is left for any period?

4. Being on the club stand does that mean staying the whole day? (What time)

5. Is it normal have to retreat waxes and polishes after the long journey? (This is what I was planning, I've even bought a waterless wash in anticipation)

6. What sort of trade stands are there?

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1. People may peer in, to see how the interior looks, but it is all pretty respectful as you are all there to appreciate the cars.

2. Only someone you have been chatting to may ask (like a fellow club member), I doubt a random stranger will come up and ask unless you have done something particularly intriguing with the interior or have a real icon of a car.

3. It shouldn't be necessary as there are always lots of people about. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing some cars with them fitted. It is only natural to want to protect your pride and joy.

4. The event organisers reserve the right to not let you out if there are too many people on the exit routes and it would be dangerous. Some people tend to start heading off after lunch I usually stay till about 2 or 3pm depending on how it is going.

5. Shouldn't need to redo a wax, but most will bring cloths and basic cleaning products to wipe off any dirt that has been picked up. A waterless wash sounds ideal.

6. All sorts, anything you could think of to do with cars. Like a Halfords and breakers yard open air shopping centre, lol. Then tuners, Adrian flux, loads of different food stalls and of course, ford will be there.

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as post above. It is an awesome show, you won't be disappointed.

I have been every year since 2008 & it gets better every year.

There are also side shows like Paul Swift doing stunts in the latest Fiesta/focus.

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