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Mk3 First Service Surprise


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So my 14reg 1.0 ZetecS is now a year old and so I took it into my workshop for the oil and filter change and visual check as we are an authorised ford repairer.

Soon as I removed the undertray the first think I noticed was the gearbox mount covered in oil caused by a leaking os driveshaft seal. Very weird considering it's only done 7.5k miles.

Anyway booked in with the dealer now for that to be replaced under warranty.

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Not really theres been reports of the drive shaft seals failing on the 11 plate focus no doubt its the same seals they use that said 7.5k is pretty low IDE be asking them to cover it for the next few services at least

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is it leaking or misting of oil there is a difference, lol.

slight misting of oil normal, leakage isnt.

thats fords answer.

modified oil seal is required.

ib5 and b6 boxes affected

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Well the gearbox mount is covered in oil and part of the shaft too.

Seeping or leaking it shouldn't be happening on a car that hardly does any mileage.

Checked our 3.5 today and that one is bone dry thankgod although it's only done 600miles

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