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Anyone Have A Brodit Mount For Their Tomtom ?


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I dislike my tomtom on my windscreen (it seemed ok in my last car)

I found a mount for it to place it on the left hand side of the centre console, near the glove box, which I thought would be perfect

anyone done this ?


not sure what else I need though ?

I have a tomtom GO 6000

any help much appreciated

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Brodit clips come in 2 parts; the mount that attaches to the car, and secondly the mount that holds the device, which attaches to the car mount. So there are 2 parts that you need to buy separately. It looks like you've a choice of 4 mounts for your tomtom, looking at the information on the Brodit website.

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You will need to get the mount as listed in your original post followed by 1 pf these options...

1st is just the holder

2nd is the holder with a plug so that you can charge whilst in the dock

3rd is a hard wiring kit so that you can still use your ciggy socket for something else.

I have a brodit for my phone that fits into the left hand of console. Good thing is that it twists so my phone can double as a sat nav.


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I have one for my iPhone 5s and it's really good very stable and good quality I would highly recommend it

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Thanks fella. I will invest in one maybe. Can they be places beside the driver light switch or only around the radio area?

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can I not just get this ?

http://www.brodit.com/product.html?id=215588&pn=prod&brand=TomTom&model=GO 6000

as I have the bit that's greyed out (as it comes with the satnav)

but don't understand how its screwed to the bit that goes on the dash as there are no holes ?

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Hi, yes you can just get the holder you mentioned. The holes in the dash holder you make yourself, screws and full instructions are included in the kit. Thoroughly recommend using a Brodit clip, I've had them on several cars now, though only the phone clips; they are a quality product, so much better than using a suction mount.

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Yeah i can confirm when i got mine there are tiny holes already and you get a set of self tapping screws...wont go back to suction cup marks on the windscreen again lol

Only problem is that you cant have any cases on as they are made for a snug fit on the device only.

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perfect, thanks , I don't have a case on my sat nav anywhere (I didn't know they made one) only use a case to carry it around in though

cheers, will order one thanks everyone

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oh damn

received my pro clip, and as nice as it is, sat nav is stupidly low now, so I am going to have to bring it up to eye level more

I have something in mind, but unable to find anything

I currently have this set up :


that mount along with the TomnTom GO 6000 (6") mount :


in this position, sat nav is too low and its so big that its infront of my climate and radio controls ! lol

so what I'd like to know is,

is there a long flexi arm that I could use to extend it upwards more ?

the other option would be to get this :


but I am not sure if I want it in front of the vent, and I'm not sure if I can angle it to see it better? (then I need to sort cabling out somehow)

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