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Hi,everyone,my focus has standard 15 inch rims and tyres.Parked on a steep slope with zero clearance at the front I'm considering fitting 16 inch rims with slightly wider tyres.What are the pros and cons of fitting bigger.Can anyone recommend some quality wheels?Probably going for black ones.Thoughts appreciated.Thanks.

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have a look on eBay for some RS ones! you should easily be able to go upto 18's

wider wheels will give you better traction, a better feel of the road and more importantly more grip if you have decent tyres and not ditch finders!

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If the aim is to increase ground clearance then you'll need to fit tyre sizes which give you a larger rolling circumference than is standard fit for your Focus.

Normally, for manufacturer fitted wheel & tyre combo's this is kept pretty constant - as you go up in wheel diameters the aspect ratio will also be reducing so that the overall size of the tyre hasn't changed significantly. This keeps the speedo readings pretty much in line and also the overall gearing of the car.

Going to wider rims is one thing but I'd think if you were to go to sizes tall enough to give you a noticeable increase in ride height of the car you could find things rubbing under the wheel arches etc - definitely get some more advice on what can or can't fit before going down the route of buying the new tyres for your wheels. Also there can be significant differences in the physical size of tyres from different companies, for the same stated size so that could undo all your work with the sums etc.

Have a look at some wheel/tyre calculator sites to get an idea what different wheel/tyre size combinations give you.

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