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Focus Tdci 1.8 Starting Issues


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Hi all

having problems , Focus 1.8 tdci 2002 , cut out a few times on me recently and would struggle to restart , and today cut out and would not restart at all .

i ended up having to be towed back by RAC , whilst there the RAC driver

sprayed Easy start into the induction pipe and it attempted to start .

So im guessing its fuel , every where i read they say Camshaft position sensor

but would it attempt to start ? if the camshaft sensor was the problem .

He then mentioned it could be the in-tank fuel pump and to look in boot and under rear seats but

there is no in-tank fuel pump located in these areas .

Anyway , any ideas ?


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take it to garage to check the fuel pressure on cranking, that will either confirm a fueling supply problem or not, cam sensor not unknown to fail, another one to check is egr valve staying open.

so i would check that first by blanking off egr before getting garage involved

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ok thanks , i initially thought that putting the easy start in the inlet ment cam shaft sensor would be ok but after thinking about it

it still could be problem .

ill take to garage as last resort ill check a few things myself .

Can i remove battery without worrying about ecu etc ? as i need to charge it .

ill stick on a £10 cam sensor as its relatively easy cheap job .

change fuel filters and check connections etc , thats about all i can do , ill then take to garage .

So questions i need to ask are

- Can i remove battery safely or should i jump a 12v battery over

- Is there a pump in the tank or underneath car inline fuel line to filter , that may have failed ?

thanks for help and advice

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ok thanks .

i tried a new cam sensor to no avail .

i just found out you can self diagnose on the dash board and came up with

DTC codes



but struggling to make sense of them .

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