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Hardwiring A Dashcam To Mk2.5 St3


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I'm planning to hardwire in my dashcam into my 58 plate focus st, for the usual reason of not wanting a cable hanging down from the centre of the car.

Now I know I need a 12v switch fuse thing.. But I was wondering could I not take the power etc from the ignition?

Reason why is surely the ignition feed is either on (when your driving the car) and would then supply power to the the usb cable and then the camera would come on, and when I turn the ignition off the power would cut and the camera would turn off.

Would this work?

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hi,,, mine is done to the ignition with the piggy back fuse shown in Stoneys link and this hard wire kit for my Mobius.
There's all sorts of stuff that goes in to standby or sleep mode so it was rigged ti the ignition as off is off.


good luck.

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I may suggest either of the following ignition live circuits-

105 - Rear heated screen

123 - Heated mirrors

127 - Electric windows

129 - Front/rear wipers

136 - Windscreen/Rear wash

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I just fed the 12v wire from my dashcam under the head lining down the side of the window and hid it under the carpet then under my seat to the cigarette lighter. Tucked away nicely

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