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Rear View Camera - Is This Factory Fitted Head Unit Ok?


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I have got planned a number of things to do to my ST3 from hardwiring a dash cam to wheel refurb etc.

But one thing I would like is a rear view camera as the ST3 has factory fitted privacy glass which is very dark.

I've seen those cameras on eBay which fit in the reg club holder and I know the wire has to be fed through to the head unit for it to work. My question is. I have the factory fitted satnav/bluetooth unit with DVD, and the DVD live in a slot covered by the on/off button/volume control.

Does this head unit have the right connector at the back so the camera can be fitted in?


Also I have seen on eBay an AUX cover which can be fitted where the blank silver square is. Can I fit this as well? I do have the AUX and usb socket in the armrest with the iPod holder but sometime having the iPod in the armrest isn't convenient and would like to have another way of plugging in other MP3 players



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The Travelpilot NX Sat Nav radio in the Focus MK2.5 was available both with or without a rear view camera input. A car without a factory fitted rear view camera will almost certain have the Travelpilot NX without the rear view camera input.

The Travelpilot NX for the Focus MK2.5 with the rear view camera input is very rare. Travelpilot NX radio's with the rear view campera input for the mondeo MK4 or S-max/Galaxy are more common. Unfortunately these are not compatible to the Focus MK2.5.

An extra Aux input can be installed without any problems. However the wiring must be modified. To make it work you have to splice the new AUX wiring into the existing AUX wiring.

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While not the most ideal solution you could use a separate screen to display the rear camera input, example below


There's a couple of types and styles available, and a How-To in one of the guide sections on how to wire one up.

My ST3 had the usual Sony head unit so I was able to swap the lot for a DVD/Sat Nav type unit complete with reversing camera input, having privacy glass plus auto-dimming rear view mirror it's a godsend especially when combined with dual reversing lights and sooper bright CREE bulbs 8)

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