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Confused About Focus St3 Spec Sheet & What Is On The Actual Car


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Hi all

I was given a spec sheet by my local Ford Dealer and it listed everything that was on my car when it was made.

I'm not bright spark but I'm sure if it says 'Less' the car didn't come wit it and if it says 'With' it did come with it.

Now I'm a bit confused as it says that I have the following on the car but I cannot fid them. My spec sheet says:

With Mini Overhead Console

With Dipping Rear View Mirror

With Auto Headlamps

I have none of these on the car. I do have a sunglasses holder, but that is mentioned on the sheet.

Could these have been installed in the car back in 2008 and them removed?

I have attached my spec sheet if you wanna have a better look




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The description in Etis is not always what it appears to be.

With Mini Overhead Console

This is just the description for the front interior light surround with the hole for the microphone.

With Dipping Rear View Mirror

This is just the description for the manual dimmable rear view mirror. The automatic/electric dimmable rear view mirror has a different description.

About the auto headlights. Ford Etis is not always correct. This file is generated during production of the car and many times contains one or more inconsistencies. Auto headlights are always combined with automatic windscreen wipers.

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Auto Headlamps aren't Auto Headlights sadly.

When you switch the ignition off (test at night) flickr the main beam stalk back and the mains will come on for 30 seconds. Also called get me home lights.

That's Auto Headlamps.

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I'd also heard that about the auto headlamps when checked on etis etc.

You need to bear in mind when looking at spec lists that the factory will have certain terms for things which make absolutely no sense to the car's owner - example being the mini overhead console, it's simply the factory's way of describing that particular feature. They all need describing one way or another at the end of the day for every model variant and territory across the range - it's a massively complex task translating it all into standard specs, stand alone options, packs, special editions and so on.

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