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Minor Problems With '13 Fiesta


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first of all I'd like to send you greetings from Germany! :)

I've been reading in this forum for quite some time now and since end of January this year, I'm a proud owner myself of my first own Ford Fiesta 1.25 (82bhp).



The car is a '13 Model Fiesta (first registration 07/2013) and I've bought the car with 14.600km on the clock.

It's equipped with the "Sync Edition" as it is called in Germany, wich includes 15" alloy rims, bluetooth Audio, A/C. Additonally the car has heated seats and a heated front window and the arm rest in the center console.

Nothing special, but it's okay to drive. ;)

After the first two months and about 4000km on winter tires, it was time to change for the summer. While doing that, I also retrofitted the black sport grille on the front (thanks to the explanation on this forum, it worked quited good. Though the clips on the old grille were a pain in the a...).



But enough for the introduction, because after the first weeks I noticed some minor problems/issues, wich I'd like to "present" to you.

1. The illumination of the "1" and "4" buttons on the radio is not working properly. Sometimes these buttons are dark fom the start on and other times it's going out after some time. There's no "rule" it follows.


2. The control buttons on the steering wheel are not working properly. In this case it's also sporadic, but when you just want to change the station or volume, it can be quite annoying (of course, I could use the radio in the console itself, but... you know. ;) )

3. I've got the feeling there's a bit "play" in the back rest of the my driver seat. If I push my back into the seat (or if i brake a it harder on a red light), it feels like the fabric is moving for 1 or 2 cm.

4. The gear stick is a bit "wobbly", but only to up- and downside. When a gear is enganged (doesn't matter if 1., 2., 3., 4., 5. or Reverse) I can move the stick 3 cm in each direction, without disengaging the gear.

In the end, nothing of it is really dramatic, but I've spent a lot of my own money for this car and since it still got the 2-year gurantee, I will bring it to my dealer next thursday.

I'm gonna keep you updated, what the dealer will do against these issues.


But in the end, I'm still very satisfied with my car and the 1.25 duratec engine is powerful enough for me.

We also have '09 1.25 (82bhp) Fiesta in our family and today its got 90.000km on the clock. And what can I say about it? It's running and running and running. :D

Alright, that's so much for me right now.

Best regards


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Short update on my case...

I'll be getting a complete new radio next week and a system update. Then all buttons on the radio should glow and the multifunction control at the steering wheel should work properly again. That's good.

With the seat and the shifting knob "problems" my Ford dealer said that's normal. He showed me some brand new 2015 Fiesta with 3km on the clock and they had the exact same issues.

The dealer explained the seat rest with the heating "mat" inside of it. That could cause some "play" in the back rest.

Well, I think I'll get used to it, but the standard seats in the Mk7.5 don't seem to be the best in terms of manufacture.

Anyway, I'm still quite happy with it. Had my car hand washed this afternoon, now it's shining again. :)


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