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Ford Focus 2006 1.8 Tdci - P0089 - Continuation


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Sorry about this, but this is a continuation from http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/69150-2006-18-tdci-wont-start-code-p0089/

The car still refuses to start, I have done the following.

  • Replaced the filter
  • Used a vacuum hose to pull fuel through from the tank
  • Replaced the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor
  • Replaced the Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Replaced the Fuel Metering Valve

There's more below the pic ...


As you can see by the following photo, I have totally bypassed the tank, fuel line and fuel filter by using a funnel and short piece of clear pipe. As I crank the engine the fuel goes down slowly but that car makes no attempt to start.


Here is another pic of the parts I have replaced ...


I did notice that when I replaced the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor, I started to get a reading when previously it was at 0.

So, what I'm asking now is ... and I don't want to ... do we think all this points to the fuel pump needing replacing?

I have a fuel pump that I collected yesterday after a 4 hour round trip, that is where I got the sensors from, also I got the fuel rail too, is it worth swapping out the fuel rail?

Thanks, Lee.

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Ok, job done, fixed, sorted.

Turns out that the original problem was the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor, it was reading 0 at all times, when it should be fluctuating, the reason it wouldn't start after replacing this was air in the system. As you can see by my previous post ^^^ that I used a funnel and piece of pipe to fill the fuel hose, I was actually testing to see if the low pressure pump was sucking.

Anyway, sorted.

Hope this helps someone.


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