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Better Introduce Myself Then

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Hey Guys

This is my first Forum post, want to introduce myself and why I'm here.

My names Andrew, I'm 20, been driving 3 years and January 2014 brought myself a beat up 2002 petrol Ford Fusion.

I needed a car, it was in my budget, I brought it at an auction (never doing that again). This thing has dents and scratches I got stuck with a garage bill for a leaking steering column and borderline rear shock in the first 2 months.

But I like it, it does well for me. Started every time and runs me and all my kit around okay. But I want to make it better! I want to learn how to maintain and fix it myself. Replace the bits I can and just make it so the repair bills are a little less. So that's why I'm here, I want to learn how to fix my ford and make my ride that bit smoother.

Currently have a front bearing problem, left side. Read the Hayes manual on how to do it but I don't have a press so anyone got any tips on bearing jobs or is this one for the mech?

Well that's me and why I'm here. Nice to meet you all, I hope to learn a lot.



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Hi welcome! There are a few Fusion nuts on here, I am sure they will guide the way! I am more of a Focus/Mondeo fan so I can't help but welcome!

Sent via the 'Clacks'


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