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Sidelight And Interior 501 Leds


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Looking to upgrade my sidelights and interior lights to LED. The market seems full and i dont want to get ripped off. Can anyone recommend some non expensive places to buy to get the best look?


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Tbh I've tried numerous LED sidelight bulbs and ended up binning them peetty quickly due to flickering or poor performance.

Cree ones are better but finding the right ones to physically fit into the holes is a bit hit and miss.

For my courtesy light I have LED panel ones which are hoofing.

I have the triple bulb one and am more than happy.

There are also single bulb type available which also have an in built brightness adjustment.

Links to follow.

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I purchase these in august 2014 and had them fitted ever since, lovely crisp bright white light, no rubbish flickering and i do alot of mileage. The important thing with these bulbs is that they are almost exactly the same size as standard halogen 501 bulbs therefore they will fit in your headlamp and other part that takes 501's. There are many good quality LED's out there but as i found out they don't all fit inside of the headlamp unit. The size if displayed on the page and if you measure your current 501 you'll notice these are like 1mm larger.

I also have daytime running lights and when my DRL's are dimmed the brightness of them matches the brightness of the sidelight perfectly, this was also important to me because some bulbs i tried although they did fit they were too bright for night use they were simply dangerous and asking to be pulled


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