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Farewell Focus!


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Not been on in a while but I'm sorry to say that me and my MK3 Focus have parted company! I traded it in for a Mercedes A180 Sport a couple of weeks ago...



I loved the Focus to bits and got it looking how I wanted it but at 4 years old and with doing 75 miles a day it was starting to get a bit rough round the edges.

Got a good deal on the new one so it only came to £10/month more than the Focus and over 3 years instead of 4

I'll still lurk around the forum as we have two Fiestas in the family, and I'd love to see my Focus on here again with its new owner enjoying it as much as I did!

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Technically it's a Zetec with mostly ZS bodykit, and ST side skirts ;)

Haha I must admit when I was looking at the photo i thoight their is something that doesn't fit quite right with the sides for a zetec s, so took my best educated guess :)

Looks smart though

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I like the exhaust tip of the mk3 zs, it's actually sporty. The mk2.5 zs exhaust tip that ford calls sporty is so disappointing to look at lol

Mk3 Zetec S doesn't have its own exhaust tip as part of the kit.

You get the exhaust tip on the top diesel and petrol engines, so 2.0 TDCi and 1.6/1.5 ecoboost, regardless of trim.

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