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Problems Starting My Ford Focus Ghia Estate..after Do The Following


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I am new to this site..so please accept any errors would be for that reason.

OK here goes.

I have a Ford Focus TDI Estate Deseil (Estate) 2000.

Bought the car on Spanish plate in the Uk and have re-registered the car in France 3 years ago.

Great car for the job it does..lots of local trips and a few to the the UK...No real problems and regularly serviced for filters etc and the cam belt and water pump done in the last 8000 KM.

No to the problem..it was proving to be difficult to start and was producing some smoke (not a lot) but it always started ( no oil consumption) as it is regularly checked.

It finally would not start and it was taken tot he local garage..who said it need a new injector pump ( very expensive in France 1000 euro's ) so I bought the correct pump in the Uk and had it fitted in France. Still the car would not start.

The local garage said it needed codes...?? Not so as the 2000 model has auto codes between the pump and the ECU. However because the local garage did not follow the correct procedure after fitting the new injector pump..it has to be taken to Ford Dealership and was quickly fixed and ran for 3 days.

next local (new mechanic) said it was the "pugs" that needed changed..so purchased new plugs...had then fitted...but still the car does not work and as it was Easter ??? he could not do nay further work and is returning on next Wednesday am to have another go.

So my basic question does anyone have a suggestion/solution I could share with the mechanic?

Any help appreciated. Johnstone49

PS I like the care and it has been worth owning.

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i presume it was the glow plugs that was changed, has the power to the plugs been checked? i would check the fuel pressure at the rail to confirm the new pump is working also check the crank sensor is ok, has a code reader been put on the car at all.you may have a problem finding ht and coil packs on your TDI.

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Yes glow plugs fitted.

Code reader has been used by main Ford Dealer in Brive France and car worked for 3 days..then stopped. So I think the fuel pressure was correct/

Power to the plugs has been checked.

Parts will wait until Wednesday am and then if no go..will order parts from Ford that have been suggested.

Many thanks Johnstone49...what at site a very happy new user.

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