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Focus Mk2 So Far Feedback/suggestions?


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Few bits i have done to my Focus MK2 (be kind ive only had it just over a month), just looking for a bit of feedback/suggestions for future mods, looking at getting the clear rear lights as have been offered some for 50 quid which i dont know if it is reasonable. I am also looking for a st/facelift spoiler i can get and spray gloss black to match the refurbed alloys







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Looks great so far. Have a look on eBay for some 18" Ford alloys. Doesn't matter if they're not from a Focus, they'll fit anyways. Changes the look of the car completely.

Spoiler here for sale:


An example of some 18" ford alloys:


Have you considered lowering your car? Many will suggest Eibach springs which are great. I suggest H&R if you can budget for them. I have them and they're awesome. My set lowers 40mm as seen here:


This is my car with 18" Mondeo Tit X alloys and lowered 40mm.

I'm sure others will have some helpful input too :)

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Hi I've conisdered lowering and getting new alloys but im happy enough with the refurrbed ones at the minute, feedback is appreciated. How much do you think is reasonable to pay for an ST spoiler?

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