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So I heard on the radio 'liberal democrats want to offer a 100 million pound prize (tax payer funded, of course) to the car manufacturer who can sell the best ultra low emissions vehicle.'

Call my cynical, but surely even those plebs can see there are better ways to use our money than to give it as a prize, to a manufacturer who can sell the most cars that they like...

I was going to write an abusive post about this but calmed down enough lol. It winds me up! If you really want to spend that money on the car industry, why not offer it towards the cost of the car, to make these new cars more affordable. Those dang things are not cheap to buy new. Why reward a manufacturer, who is reaping the rewards of sales, with more money, when there are NHS shortages, families living on the breadline and struggling day after day.

'I appreciate you can't afford the fuel sir/madam, what you should do now is go and buy an electric car... and I know you have 3 children to feed, and a job that pays less than the change you give your customer,... could you just bear with me whilst I speak to the Chancellor... Could you just bend over and allow me to give you some more seeing to as I push up the price of fuel duty and everything else, please remove your under garments to speed this up'

They are so out of touch with voters it's unreal.


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TBH £100M investment from the govt would probably send Hydrogen cars mainstream, just give it to someone to produce them and create like 100 fuel stations in the major areas in the UK to start with and watch them fly of the shelves, Hydrogen for a car should only cost about 10P/L too, infact a solid £100M would solve the energy crisis.

But someone has to think of the shareholders and Scottish dissidents who think their low oil stocks will support them for the next millennium, I read actually the North Sea has produced only 40BN Barrels of oil in 40 years, yet near Gatwick there is a well that yields 100BN barrels lol

Think we should bin them off now.

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I agree about hydrogen cars, looks like they're almost there in terms of being a viable replacement for normal petrol/diesel cars. That money might be better spent investing directly in any UK car manufacturers that agree to use it solely to develop low emission cars, instead of a prize which will just line the pockets of the bosses of the biggest company.

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