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Focus Mk1 1.6 Undertray And Auto Box


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Hi all, new member here, first post!

I've been given a focus to replace our 2nd car for family duties, a 2002 1.6 Ghia auto, with leather. Grandparents were offered peanuts when trying to trade in so I said I'd take it as it has 5 doors. Its on 102k but still drives relatively tight so quite enjoying it.

Anyway we've had it a couple of months and I was changing the oil today and its missing its undertray. Not something everybody worries about granted, but I'm a stickler for cars being original and complete so I want to replace it. I've had an email exchange with a ford dealer but can't establish what I need- I thought there would be one big tray. I've attached pics of the engine bay looking up, and a diagram from the ford dealer.

I think in my pic I have 8B384A, but need 8327B and 8327A (plus fixings).. Any ideas?

Also when do people recommend changing the gearbox oil on these (auto), if at all?

Cheers for any help



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