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Alloy Wheels Problem


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Hi guys,

When I wash my wheels I notice lots of little black speckle marks, seem to me like tar marks from the road, however they just won't come off?? I've tried lighter fuel to rub it off, t-cut but I just can't remove them? Everyweek they get worse.

Had any one got a similar problem but knows a solution to this? It's so annoying.

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The makes on your wheels are what is known as fallout and will also effect the body work of the car as well. What it actually is is red hot flakes of iron from you brake discs and other cars brake discs as well as industrial pollutants that are in the air. These bond to the body and wheels as the flakes are hots so in effect melt to the paint especially wheels as they get hot from driving. There are a few ways to remove them one which has been stated is the clay bar but there is an easier less time consuming approach which is a good fallout remover. So here's the steps to removing it.

1) clean the wheels as normal and dry them off (this lets the fallout remover get straight to the problem)

2) spray the fallout remover on to the wheel and let it dwell there for 2-5mins (a good one will turn purple as the chemical reaction takes place so you can see it working)

3) now apply a little more fallout remover and use a soft detailing brush to work it in and lift the fallout.

4) rinse well and reapply if it's necessary until it's all off.

I've tried and tested these ones and they work very well.

ValetPro Dragons Breath

Angelwax revelation

Iron X

There are others but I do know these work.

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