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Dreaded 1.6 Tdci Turbo Starvation


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My brother in law has a 407 1.6 HDI which I know is the same engine fitted in the Focus. His car broke down yesterday and I had a look at it as my previous car was a 1.6 TDCI so I was fairly familiar with the engine.

After having a look I suspect it's the infamous turbo oil starvation problem that seems to plague these engines.

Opening the bonnet there is oil absolutely everywhere!...There is oil around the turbo area, on top of all the injectors and pretty much covering the whole engine bay. When starting the car after running for roughly a min it just dies. Also with the car running, reving the car to 1000rpm will cause a large hesitation/vibration and again engine dies.I did not even attempt to drive it as I thought it could cause further problems in doing so.

For the last day or two he said the car was very hesitant under acceleration even with a light foot and seemed to jerk quite a bit.

Today he wanted to attemp driving it to the nearest mechanic but I advised trying to tow it later on instead. To be honest I don't even think the car would make it to the nearest garage.

I'm just wondering are these typical symptoms of turbo oil starvation failure or is there any definite signs to look out for?


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