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Such A Glorious Day Today!


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Today is my first day off, after working a LONG 58 hour week. Anyway the weather forecast for the next few days is going to be beaut, meaning I decided to wash the car by hand for the first time today (2 bucket method). Previously been using the jetwash - Yes, call me lazy! -_-

Anyway I have a 5L garden pressure sprayer, which I filled with lukewarm water - with a touch of Autoglym bodywork shampoo conditioner. I then had 1 bucket with lukewarm water, with another helping of Autoglym bodywork shampoo. Not forgetting I had a separate rinse bucket, to rinse the sponge before dipping back into the wash bucket. Sponged the car top to bottom, getting into all those nooks and crannies. I was really surprised as the Autoglym doesn't leave any water marks on the paintwork when dried (as it was sunny here and there at times) meaning the wash water dried off quickly. Gave all the wheels a good clean, even got my hands in behind to spokes to wash off that rancid brake dust (front were the worse). Dressed the tyres afterwards with Autoglym vinyl & rubber care.

Next I finally got round to using my Autoglym super resin polish, and did a few panels at the time. Used 1 cloth to apply the polish, then 1 microfibre cloth to wipe off, then finally used another microfibre cloth to buff. Even though I have frozen white, and the shine after a normal wash is pretty insane. But the shine after using the resin polish was something else. I couldn't even directly look at the paintwork when the sun was shining, the glare hurt my eyes!! :D I was so pleased with the end results, I decided not to apply any Autoglym extra gloss protection - I'll save that for another day.

Some photo's of the end results:



Oh, and this isn't really related... but couldn't help but spot this fake Mondeo estate ST earlier :o


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Looking good!

I had an hour to spare today and the rain held off so I managed a quick "maintenance wash".

Pressure washed. Cleaned wheels. Snow foamed. Pressure washed again. Shampoo'd with half a bucket of Autoglym and a full bucket of Luke warm for rinsing the mitt. Rinse off. Dry with microfibre cloths. Paint the tyres with that Gyeon stuff.

Get some wax on your car next time you polish it.. When you come to wash it again after that the dirt just lifts off. All good stuff. :)

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I've had a pot of the Autoglym HD wax for nearly two years. Got about a third of it left. It's pricey. But it's worth it.

Claying your car (and thus covering it head to toe in slippy clay lube/detailing spray) makes a huge difference before polishing too.

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I do clay the car too mind, as having Frozen white is a pain. Simply because I get all those !Removed! rust spots (from hot brake dust!). Thanks for the recommendation for the wax, funnily enough I was just looking at it on amazon.

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