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hi all, I have a problem with my tdci hoping somebody here can shed some light on this for me as im baffled...

I had a boost leak so I changed the 90 degree pipe that comes out of the egr valve to the metal pipe situated on the left hand side of the bay as you look at the engine. now the car is running rough, revving rough. I thought that it could be air bank 2 sensor which sits in metal boost pipe changed for legit 1 from ford no change. thought could be a different intercooler pipe so checked all and intercooler when car was revved around the 3k mark and heard nothing at all. changed air filter from induction kit to legit 1 no change. took out maf sensor changed again from ford no change. changed the fuel filter and ran injector cleaner thro. still no change..

just like to say the car boosts fine and pulls smoother due to above work but still have this issue.

I think it as something to do with fuel delivery but as there are no codes popping up its just a guessing game.

unsure if its to do with the map or weather because the egr has been disabled but these were done around 2.5 years a go.

next idea is to take the map off and see how it performs with factory map on....

any idea's people? thanks

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What engine you got, im assuming its the 1.8, if it is then check thr pipework for the map sensor as its near the pipe you replaced

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that did cross my mind when I was putting the pipes back together.... it seems fine nothing out of the ordinary. its not loose or been pulled off or anything.....

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fuel filter did cross my mind sal, I gave the car a full service inc fuel filter not long after changing the boost pipe.... don't nave no codes, did the dash thing and on my code reader... all sensors work.... boost sensor, and air flow changed for new 1's from ford... all intercooler pipework has no leak's. well I carnt hear no air escaping when the turbo is fully spooled up ie 3k..... took front grille off and looked at the intercooler this seems be fine.... im just puzzled....

the leaking boost pipe was covering up another fault but don't know what.... injectors were taken out sonically cleaned and re-seated mid last year.....

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