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Noise From Belt, Water Pump Pulley


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I purchased a 2002 Focus yesterday and it has a noise coming from the belt to the left of the engine (as far as I know main drive belt).

I have found the source to be a very slightly wobbly pulley.

When the car is idle you can hear it making a noise.

There is a very slight bit of movement if I try it with my hand.

I think from the diagrams I have seen it might be the water pump pulley.

It looks like a plastic pulley (though just covered I'm guessing) with bolts attaching it to the engine.

It might be a case of just tightening the bolts but I doubt it.

Please does anyone have any ideas on what I should do next?

I have attached an image with the pulley circled in yellow (please ignore the red writing).



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Thanks for the advise it is on 130,000 and had the cam last done at 78,000 (which I was told was early) so I think it still has some time before it should need doing again.

Do I need to just replace the pulley and not the water pump or are they together?

Can I just get a new pulley from somewhere?

If I change the pump and not the belt does it mean that I will have to get the timings sorted or is it a simple change?

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Will try replacing the water pump first as the belt seems ok.

Going to be a silly question I'm sure but how urgent is it if it is just the pulley without any visible coolant leak?

The previous owner said they have been driving it for a year like it currently is.

I am thinking of getting it done in about a month.

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Unfortunately as it is a private sale I am a bit stuck with it now :(

Any ideas on urgency as I can tell the noise is definitely coming from there as I can see the movement?

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To make things easier I have created a YouTube video:


Can someone confirm that it is the water pump pulley and if the issue is what I have described?


Is it just me or does the bigger pulley look like its wobbling something fierce?

Sent from my iPhone 5s.

yes it looks like the water pump pulley does have some play in it in one form or other.

I think the best bet is to change the pulley/water pump if you think it is that. also as mentioned above add a new drive belt as well so all is new in that area.

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