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Cigarette Lighter Problem


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Hiya I have a problem with my Fiesta's cigarette lighter please stay with me when I explain as its a little long winded.

I went to plug in my charger which fell apart and a few metal bits fell into the socket and sparked.

I checked the passenger fuse box and every single fuse and non have blown.

I ordered a new cigarette socket and fitted it but the charger still doesn't work and I don't know what the problem be?

Any help is appreciated


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Have you tried another device to plug in socket,

but fuse will be blown if you saw sparks, does take much for fuse to blow, will tell you what fuse to chevk in a minute

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Hiya thanks so much for your reply.

I have a 2011 fiesta, and I have pulled each fuse out in the passenger fuse compartment and have checked them and non show blown.

in my manual fuse 18 is the cigarette fuse which I have replaced regardless but on my Haynes manual it shows 22 but I didnt have a fuse in that place, but I put one in to check and nothing happened.

I don't know what else to do.

Sooooo stuck.

But thank you :)

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just checked and definatly fuse 22, , straight forward circuit, starts at battery, through main 200amp fuse , then fuse f5 60amp in engine fusebox, then fuse 22 20amp. to cigar lighter, and earth return.

unlikely the firrst 2 fuses, so if fuse 22 is ok, then your issue is still at the cigar lighter socket assy or wiring.

think you need a test light or multimeter to check the suppling voltage to the fuse 22, and then voltage at brown/red wire at connector

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