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Ford Focus New Key Question


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Hi, Brought a new key off eBay for £14.99 for my car as the key fob on my one and only key doesn't work, upon opening the both keys up, I noticed the immobilizer chip in my old key doesn't seem to be removable.

However, I found this video on youtube which states you can programme the keys yourself in the ignition, so I removed the key part from my old key (the metal part) and fitted it to my new key fob section as the new key part (the metal part) has not been cut, and then proceeded with this video:

After doing this, the key fob works to unlock / lock the doors, but it hasn't programmed the immobilizer chip inside the new key and I'm unable to start the car with the new key fob attached to the old key part (the metal part) ????? sorry if this all sounds confusing :blink: , did I do something wrong ?

Only way to start the car is to remove the old key part from the new key fog and attach it to the old key fob containing the programmed chip. :blink:


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The transponder chips are different.

The old key has the glass ID4 chip whereas the new one is the carbon type, they can fit in either fob but can be fiddly.

Just put the new button half of the key on the old half with the battery and original transponder in it and attach the original key blade.

The transponder chip is passive so is not attached to any power supply.

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