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Heavy Breathing

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Had the oil and filter changed and got told the engine is worn on my 2011 (61) 1.6 TDCI FOCUS

Having done only 49k.

There was a heavy build up of oil in the connecting pipe from the air filter box suggesting the engine is breathing heavy.Also the air flow meter is pretty soaked to(so im told)

It has the Peugeot engine.

Only having the car for 10 weeks and under warranty the garage said that this is normal, hmm ........

never saw that one coming.

I have used the same garage for the past 10 yrs and value their knowledge and experience over the selling dealers garage.

Has anyone had this expierance,is this normal??

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A car blowing oil into the Air intake is not normal for a car of 49K. I would trust your Garage and look into the history of the car i some detail. Try and contact previous owners and confirm confirm milage and service history

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Hi. I had a 2011 focus 1.6 tdci sport and mine was exactly the same. I bought it when it was 8 months old with 11 thousand on the clock and only found it on mine because the pipe from the turbo to the air box was split and oil was running down the front of the engine. I got pipe replaced under warranty and always kept the oil level just under the max and never had a problem with it again blowing oil back.

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the breather pipe from the 1.6 practically pisses out oil, that isn't anything to be concerned about compared to any other 1.6 tdci but it will eventually go through the turbo (potential carbon build up) and down to the intercooler (reduced efficiency)

ive brought a custom made oil catch can from the states to filter this out, its proving a complete git to install though, theres so little space to get the plumbing down to where the can is mounted under the aitbox

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