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07 Mk2 1.6 Tdci - Turbo Failing, Upgrade Time?


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Hey guys, unfortunately tonight my turbo has started to whine, which in my eyes means it's time to get it replaced asap, I would like to know if anyone knows if you can fit a larger turbo, straight fit off a different car on to the focus? Also, if replacing for a standard turbo, is there anything to check impeticular? Cheers guys

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The turbo itself will be the least of your problems. Just installing a new turbo will not be enough. This is a known problem of the older 1.6 TDCI engine. Usually the turbo fails as a result of the lack of engine oil. Because the small sump the engine oil becomes dirty quite quickly. The dirty oil cloggs the oil line which runs to the turbo which causes the turbo to break down. A shortened oil change interval is recommended on this type of engine.

To solve this problem you have to perform a procedure recommended by Ford and many turbo specialist. If I remember correctly this is the following procedure:

* Perform an engine flush.

* Drain the engine oil and change the oil filter.

* Remove the sump to clean it.

* Change (or remove) the strainers of the oil line to the turbo.

* Change the turbo.

* Fill the engine oil.

* Start the engine and warm up the engine (idling).

* Measure the amount of oil running to the turbo.

* Change the engine oil and filter.

If the amount of oil running to the turbo is within specifications you should be fine. If the amount is too low the engine is probably already slightly damaged. In this case changing the engine or a complete engine rebuild may be necessary.

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Appreciate that informstion mate, very helpful, will take the advice, but my question still stands, whilst doing all this, is there another oem turbo that would be a straight fitor have little modification? Have access to a 2L mondeo and others haha

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Do you have the 90 HP or 109 HP version of the 1.6 TDCI?

The 109 HP version has a different turbo from the 90 HP version. The 90 HP version has a fixed geometry turbo while the 109 HP version has a variable geometry turbo.

As far as I know there is no easy way to install a larger/different type of turbo to the 1.6 TDCI. If you are able to find a turbo which fits you have to adapt other engine parts to the new turbo. This will at least require a new (custom) mapping which is fully adjusted to your engine. Next to this it may also be necessary to make some other changes to the engine. Depending on the type of turbo the fuel injectors and fuel injection pump may not deliver enough fuel.

It will be perfectly possible to install a different turbo and gain a lot of power. However this will take a lot of development and investigation to find the best setup. In my opinion this is only achieveable if you have the skills to do this yourself and the car is not a daily driver. Otherwise it will cost a lot of time and money. Next to this the reliability may also be affected.

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): awk well, me and my mechanic had the intake pipes off it there, not a huge play in the turbo, will still get everything replaced asap anyway, cheers for the information and 109

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