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Steering Issue


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This is my first time so be gentle.

For a couple of months i have been having a steering issue where it is light on the Right and heavy on the Left.

The issues is intermittent, but its starting to become more persistent.

To give you a bit of history and details its a Ford Focus MK2 05 Plate 80,000 miles

When I first got it in 2011 it had to have its Left Bearing replaced as the car was shaking over 60MPH.

In 2013 i had to have the Left bearing replaced again as it had cracked (May have been due to off road driving in scotland)

Last year I had to have my suspension replaced on the front left, but got both front wheels done

This year it has passed its MoT without any issues.

Kwik-Fit are saying that its likely a power steering issue which I know are common faults with the MK2.

What are your thoughts?

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it could be as simple as the tracking or balance thats affecting the movement. Likewise, it could be the lower wishbone rubbers are cracked and damaged and cause it to wander.

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