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Ford Focus 1.6 With 53K On The Clock???


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I'm looking to buy another Focus and while perusing some used car sites I found an advert whereby, the owner was selling his 2000 Ford Focus with 53000 miles done. Now, as I was only browsing, I didnt really have time to actually speak to the owner about the vehicle. He is selling for £500 but, even so, this cannot be legit, right? 53000 miles for a 15 year old car?

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don't see anything to worry about - my 07 has just covered 26,600 it had 18,500 when i bought it 5 years ago - i average about 1,600 miles a year so in 15 years i would have recorded 24,000- even with the original mileage i bought it at it will still only be registering 42,500..just think your lucky to find one so low ..what i will say is if you buy it make sure it's had a recent timing belt change . you could always check the previous mot certificates to verify milage.if he does'nt have them take the last ticket number and reg then do it online - low mileage does'nt necessarily mean low bills ..rubber cracks ..exhausts rot inside out ..fluids deteriorate etc .. i bought 4 new tyres at 22,000 last ones still had 5mm of tread but were cracked on side walls

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