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Mk3 Powershift


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I know there has been many posts on the subject, but so many that I am slightly confused. I understand from 2012 model has a slightly differant system than before, in that both the clutch plated as dry clutches. It seams in doing so there are issues rising in the form of noise and judder.

I seam to have some first gear judder and gear hunting. I am not sure if the PCM firmware has been updated or not, which would seam to be the first step. Can I use an ELM327 to check the version?

Further is it the case that some people have had the clutch plates replaced due to an oil seal failure and plate contamination issues?

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Unless you know the latest update , then you wont know via elm.

Clutch packs have been changed due to oil leaks.

Just book your car in at your local ford dealer for them to investigate

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