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Well I finally bit the bullet and decided to trade in my wee Corsa after 7 and a bit years.

Picked up my red edition this afternoon. Still taking me some time getting used to it and obviously its a lot slower than my VXR but I'm surprised at how nippy and smooth it is to drive.

Can't say im a huge fan of the seats but then again think my bum was moulded into the corsa seats so I'm sure it will take time lol.

Looking forward to some decent mpg and not having to pay a fortune on road tax.

Onwards and upwards :)



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Bought a house last year so wanted to save some money but main thing was the corsa was starting to get problems and costing me money so wanted a change. Plus I'm not a huge fan of the new shape corsa.

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I now have had my red for a month and a half and 2500 miles. I tend to agree with you on the seats. I do find I tend to get a bit of backache and haven't found the perfect position yet. Other than that am really pleased. Quick enough and much more economical than my big diesel Smax. Plus it is easily the best handling car I have ever driven and I have had a few decent machines in my time. Enjoy.

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My thoughts exactly regarding the performance. I've owned some properly quick cars in my time and the amount of times it was safe or opportune to use the full performance were few and far between. The red is quick enough and fun enough and in gear acceleration is not far off some more powerful cars. My red is a second car and the lower running costs really makes sense. 200 quid a year is the equivalent of 70 pints of beer. I know which I'd rather spend my money on ;-)

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