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Focus Lumpy Idle.... Until Clutch Is Depressed


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I've attached a video which hopefully you can hear what I'm talking about.

At 8 seconds is when I press down on the clutch pedal which is when the sound stops, and at 16 I let go of the pedal.

Does anyone have any idea what would cause this :)



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This is the part you will need. includes a new DMF, Clutch Kit and Slave Cylinder. http://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/luk-7428059.html. Cross reference it with the LUK online catalog to make sure you have the right part number: http://webcat.schaeffler-aftermarket.com/web/schaeffler/en_GB/PKW/36/5210/18935/6/600%200171%2000_479/applicationSearch.xhtml?result=1429649924930&csc=1

Dont get the Sachs one sold on EuroCarparts, i replaced it 20k ago and its making noises on my car already. i will be getting the LUK kit in a few months time myself. The original DMF ford used at the time was LUK

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Thanks for the reply Nexus and Jord,

It's been happening for a while, but just much more noticeable recently, what will happen if it's left, will it damage anything else?

Can you guesstimate how many hours labour it would be at a garage?



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They sooner the better really no one can really say but it certainly won't do your car any good and will eventually go, my guess would be at least 6 hours labour at an independent around £40 an hour? Then parts aswell is say your looking at a £500-600 quid bill,

Good luck Lewis!

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Righty ho, bit of an update:

So I got quoted £980 at a garage,

Now the car is worth roughly £2,500-£3,000 if it didn't have thie problem.

I can't sell it privately as it stands as I doubt anyone would want to buy a car that needs a new clutch.

If i do the work, I wouldn't want to keep the car too much longer, perhaps 4-6 Months.

What sort of price would I get part ex?!

I know that's a howlongisapeiceofstring question, but would I get a 'fair' price, or taken to the cleaners :/


(PS It's now sounding worse)

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that link is for the focus mk1 you need the one for the mk2 which i posted, it wouldnt cost you more than 650 if you get it done at a garage, the quote you got is too much

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Gottcha, I've sent off for my more quotes this morning, and I still need to pop into another garage who I called to confirm the quote.

I've just still gotta consider my other option of Part Exing it, arrghh aahaha

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