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Why Is It So Hard To Fast Food Ins


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And yet there's a lot of doing it using their cars, obviously if you're through the company you're on their ins but if it's your car you need your own but getting it...more chance of winning the lotto, why is that

Well I know there's a lot of idiots out at night delivering speeding everywhere ect, but some don't, I'd thought about it but can't get ins to cover it, no one will...deliveries during the day yes, at night for fast food places, forget it

So are the ones doing it using their cars insured or not, and if so who are they through I'm buggered if I know

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I take it this kind of thing isn't covered by business insurance, because you're "delivering goods" or something like that? Is there some other kind of insurance you need for this?

But I agree a lot of them probably don't have the correct insurance. A lot probably don't have any insurance at all judging by the kind of cars they use lol. It would be hard to prove they were doing deliveries if they make a claim though, because a lot of the cars don't have any stickers on them to show who they are delivering for.

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And neither would mine ie have stickers on it to advertise but the food's in a company bag do if anything happened you're still screwed....like I say god knows who the one's that do it are insured with. I can get business ins yes but it doesn't cover working for fast food places at night

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